Vrrrooommm 4! Citrus Farming for Kids

The newest release finds Farmer Bill in central Florida for a first hand look at the citrus industry. From grove maintenance to harvesting, packing, and processing at a juice plant, there's plenty of hi-tech machinery and gadgets to entertain youngsters. There's even a tour of a highly automated orange juice plant! DVD format only. We offer free shipping for video orders over $40!


Sesame Street Parents Magazine

Grab your sunglasses and fasten your seat belts: the fourth installment in the popular "Vrrrooommm" live-action farming series transports viewers down to sunny Florida. There, Farmer Bill shows how oranges and grapefruits are grown, harvested and squeezed into juice. The video combines orchard scenes with footage from inside a factory that produces 187,500 gallons of juice a day. Your curious preschooler will get a kick out of discovering how the orange juice on her breakfast table got there.

Video Librarian Magazine

Children will learn all about citrus fruits from this colorful informative video. The story goes from the tree to the table -- planting, grove maintenance, harvesting, processing and packing. The information is very thorough but conveyed in simple enough terms for young children to understand. There is a nice mix of farming clips, school children and music to hold viewer attention. The video can be used for farming as well as nutrition units. This is the next best thing to a trip to a citrus grove.

Vrrrooommm 4! Citrus Farming for Kids

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