Vrrrooommm 3! Apple Farming for Kids

The fun and educational Vrrrooommm Series continues as Farmer Bill takes a look at modern apple production. From pollinating to processing, join Farmer Bill as he shares the chronology of how apples are grown and make it to your local market. This video shows plenty of hi tech equipment and spectacular footage guaranteed to entertain and enlighten viewers both young and old. DVD format only. We offer free shipping for video orders over $40!


Family Fun Magazine

The third video in a series of behind-the-scenes farming films, Vrrrooommm 3 - Apple Farming for Kids will make your kids apple experts. The steps necessary to bring the fruit from the lush orchards to your table are fascinating. Your kids will learn that apples go through a careful inspection before being mushed into sauce or cider. They'll also see that nothing is wasted: even the cores and peels are squeezed to make vinegar.

Crayola Kids Magazine

Fall is the season to enjoy sweet, crunchy apples and delicious cider. But do you know where all those yummy apples come from? In “Vrrrooommm 3 - Apple Farming for Kids” you'll visit an apple farm in New York State. You'll follow right along with Farmer Bill to watch the apple trees blossom and bear fruit. It's fun to see all the equipment the farmers use, and you'll be amazed at how those farm-grown apples get to the supermarket or to the apple "factory," where they're made into things like dried apples and pie filling. And if you live in a state where apples are grown, you might even be inspired to visit an orchard with your family, where you pick your own apples.

Video Librarian Magazine

Have you ever wondered where that apple in your lunchbox came from? Was it from the same place as the apple juice in your thermos? This fun and informative video traces the journey of an apple from pollination to grocery store, with all the stops in between. Not only do we get an inside look at an apple farm, but we also see how all those neat conveyor belts and gadgets in fruit processing factories work. The editing choices are a bit odd -- we bounce back and forth between the factory and the orchards out of chronology, and the end includes a bunch of kids running around a farm for no apparent reason other than to look cute. However, the overall production value is high – great camera angles, music bites, and quality narration from a friendly host.

Vrrrooommm 3! Apple Farming for Kids

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