Vrrrooommm 2! Dairy Farming for Kids

In the second installment of the Vrrrooommm Series, Farmer Bill goes on an exploration of a 700-cow dairy farm. From cows mooing to tractors roaring, this entertaining and educational video has it all. Follow milk production from growing the herd's feed all the way to cheese production. There's even a visit from a veterinarian, a cow getting her toenails clipped, and a newborn calf standing for the first time! DVD format only. We offer free shipping for video orders over $40!

Also available is a Teacher's Guide, which consists of a synopsis of the story, objectives, vocabulary as related to agriculture, questions for review and discussion and suggestions for student activities. Also included are approximately ten activity sheets which can be photocopied and used in the classroom. The activity sheets range in difficulty, starting with a simple maze and progressing with word finds, crossword puzzles all the way to a research project.


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In case you had any doubts, "milk doesn't grow on trees," as one mother reminds her offspring. Milk is born in a cow, as viewers will learn in “Vrrrooommm 2 - Dairy Farming for Kids.” Bill, the onscreen host, visits the Coyne Farm in upstate New York, where individual cows chow down 100 lbs. per diem of the harvested hay/corn mix and chew their cud – basically a coughed up food ball – between 45-50 times before swallowing (Emily Post would, no doubt, approve). We follow milk's journey from cow's udder to, in this case, packaged cheese, and get a glimpse of cow maintenance on the farm (a cow getting her toenails clipped is truly a sight to behold). While farming videos are a dime a dozen, this one's recommended as a decent addition.


Slurping a milkshake or having cookies and milk may never be the same for children after they view this story of how milk gets from the stable to the table. Congenial farmer Bill, who also hosts Rainbow Communications’ companion “Farming for Kids” tape, leads this live action couch trip to a dairy farm that touches on everything from the fields where the grain is grown to make feed for the dairy cows to demonstrations of winning milking techniques to the pasteurization process. There's lots of cool farming equipment and intriguing sights and sounds and, of course, a full cast of cows.

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In this installment of the Vrrrooommm! series, kids can learn all about how milk and dairy products make it to the supper table. Led by a friendly farmer, Dairy Farming for Kids takes little ones step-by-step through the surprisingly interesting process of raising, feeding and milking dairy cows, including how the milk is transported and made into cheese. Along the way, the program features neat factoids (cows eat 100 pounds of food a day) and cute animals (one little kitten gets some milk straight from the source). Although it's a little canned and a lot corny, Dairy Farming's simple structure, genuine folks and fast clip should keep kids-and adults-entertained.


For city kids, there's nothing like a farm. Two new videos for children show the ins and outs of life on a farm and help kids understand where their food comes from. “Farming for Kids” and “Dairy Farming for Kids” are both 30-minute videos that use the noise and live action of the farm to attract children's attention while farmer Bill explains about agriculture.

“Farming for Kids” looks at the different phases of a typical growing season, including planting, cultivating, and harvesting. “Dairy Farming for Kids” looks at the different activities that take place on a dairy farm, including feeding the herd, a visit to the veterinarian, seeing a newborn calf, milking and a trip to the cheese plant. The videos are designed for children 2-10.

Vrrrooommm 2! Dairy Farming for Kids

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