Vrrrooommm 1! Farming for Kids

In the first video of the series, children join friendly Farmer Bill as he takes them on a live action tour of a modern vegetable and grain farm. Using the noise and live action of hi-tech farm machinery to grab young viewers attention, Farmer Bill is able to deliver an important message about agriculture - that the food chain begins long before the grocery store. This program features lots of tractors and machinery in action! Footage includes soil preparation, planting, cultivation, and harvesting of wheat, green beans, cabbage, carrots, sweet corn, grain corn, and pumpkins. DVD format only. Free shipping for video orders over $40!

Also available is a Teacher's Guide, which consists of a synopsis of the story, objectives, vocabulary as related to agriculture, questions for review and discussion and suggestions for student activities. Also included are approximately ten activity sheets which can be photocopied and used in the classroom. The activity sheets range in difficulty, starting with a simple maze and progressing with word finds, crossword puzzles all the way to a research project.



For city kids, there's nothing like a farm. Two new videos for children show the ins and outs of life on a farm and help kids understand where their food comes from. “Farming for Kids” and “Dairy Farming for Kids” are both 30-minute videos that use the noise and live action of the farm to attract children's attention while farmer Bill explains about agriculture.

"Farming for Kids" looks at the different phases of a typical growing season, including planting, cultivating, and harvesting. Dairy Farming for Kids" looks at the different activities that take place on a dairy farm, including feeding the herd, a visit to the veterinarian, seeing a newborn calf, milking and a trip to the cheese plant. The videos are designed for children 2-10.

Booklist magazine (American Library Association)

Vrrrooommm! Farming for Kids is a great crossover title for fans of both farm life and big trucks. The focus here is on the unusual vehicles and equipment that are used in modern farming. Farmer Bill guides viewers through a season on a vegetable farm, while footage follows the tractor driven machines that till the soil, plant and fertilize the seeds, cultivate the growing plants, and harvest the field crops. An affable host, just enough commentary, and some great shots make this an engaging farm visit.

School Library Journal

The uses of various types of farm equipment are presented in this informative live-action video that will satisfy the curiosity of young farm enthusiasts. Bill, the farmer, asks the question, "Where do vegetables come from?" and proceeds to answer it by briefly discussing the different pieces of farm equipment and how each helps to bring food to the table. Preparation of the soil, as well as planting and harvesting are demonstrated. Wheat, corn, cabbages, beans, and carrots are harvested. Each vegetable has its own farm implement. Pumpkins, which close the video, are one of the few crops still harvested the "old fashioned" way -- picked by human hands. Film footage is sharp and clear, and different angles are used throughout. Farmer Bill's friendly explanations are brief, letting each piece of equipment demonstrate for itself. This well-done production would be a good addition to your video library.

Lakeland FL Ledger

"Vegetables come from the ground!" exclaimed one 3 1/2 year old, after watching this video. Since such a simple idea will probably come as a revelation to many young kids, this video might well be a good introduction to some of the mysteries of just where that carrot comes from and how it gets from the ground to their dinner table.

The video uses plenty of farm equipment to grab kids' attention -- you'll see numerous scenes of tractors, combines, harvesters and various other machines roaring their way across the fields (there's a separate reference card that identifies them). As the video follows the growing season on a 7,000-acre family farm, "Farmer Bill" talks to viewers about agriculture, focusing on such topics as planting, cultivating and harvesting. We see the way wheat, corn, beans, carrots and cabbage are grown, harvested, and even if you can't follow is all, enough will sink in to let viewers know that cabbage definitely does not grow in plastic wrapping in the supermarket. Several children were definitely interested enough to watch it a second time!

Vrrrooommm 1! Farming for Kids

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