Grab & Go (Prorated 3-Weeks) Vegetable Share for 2017

By purchasing a Grab & Go CSA Share, you purchase a portion of our weekly harvest, fresh from the fields. Early in the harvest season you’ll enjoy lots of leafy greens, as well as snow peas and radishes. In the heat of summer, produce is most abundant, bringing corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, beans and so on. During fall’s frost come a bounty of root vegetables and winter squash.

Your share will include approximately six to 10 vegetables each week, with an emphasis on the more common vegetables. They will be packed in a returnable, collapsible container, so you can just grab and go! Pick-up is on Tuesdays at Wickham Farms. 

Prorated pricing reflects a start week of 10/2/17 and is available to new members only.

If you are an IMS Barter Member, we cannot process your order with this online shopping cart. Please email us at


Grab & Go (Prorated 3-Weeks) Vegetable Share for 2017

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